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Summary of New Toyota Landcruiser Prado


The New release of Toyota Land cruiser Prado 2017~ has a fantastic 4WD facelift shape with new front headlights, a roomier cabin with increased space between the front and second row seats, an improved full frame structure than the previous model. The Toyota Company re-launched Toyota Land cruiser Prado of Diesel Engine in 2015. However, Diesel Engine model is eco-friendly with clean Diesel technology that exhaust very low CO2 (Carbon dioxide).


It's Design evokes strength and refinement of new Land cruiser Prado; the basic concept of the new Land cruiser Prado based on Toyota Motor Corporation's Vibrant clarity design philosophy, is a vehicle with a modern and powerful form suited to a Four Wheel drive vehicle (4x4WD) and an interior that is refined and spacious. Toyota Land cruiser Prado is one of Toyota Manufacturing Corporation's best product highly capable of off-road activities; This New model is a very strong 4 Wheel Drive which appeals to a diverse demographic and cross over between Urban dwellers and hard-core Four-Wheel Drive lovers.

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Details and PRICE of Toyota Landcruiser Prado  (Available Colors)





Land cruiser Prado



2017 ~


Engine Capacity

Gasoline (Petrol):  2700 CC (Official: 2693 cc)

Diesel  : 2800 CC (Official: 2755 cc)

Engine Type

Gasoline (Petrol) : 2TR-FE . DOHC 4 Cylinder

Diesel : 1GD-FTV. DOHC Intercooler Turbo


Automatic Gear (AT)


Driving Type

4 Wheel drive (4WD)



Gasoline(Petrol) Engine

Diesel Engine

Passenger Capacity

Gasoline (Petrol)  5 Seater

Gasoline (Petrol)  7 Seater

Diesel  5 Seater

Diesel  7 Seater

Number of Doors

Long Wheel Base 5 (five) Doors

Spare Parts

We will supply spare parts of this car any time



Gasoline (Petrol)  5 Seater - US$46,800

Gasoline (Petrol)  7 Seater - US$48,800

Diesel  5 Seater - US$54,800

Diesel  7 Seater - US$56,800

Photos of the Car

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Front View

Front View

Front View

Side View

Back View




Inside View



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