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Japanese used car Auctions

Ninkipal Co., Ltd. is an authorized agent of nearly all major used car auction houses in Japan. We are members of all Japanese Car Auctions such as USS, CAA, HAA, TAA, Bayauc, Aucnet, and JAA. We can assist you to purchase / export used-vehicles from the car auction directly. You've come to the right place if you are looking for the best deal in Japan. Ninkipal Co., Ltd. can help you with all your vehicle needs.

Why Buy Cars from Our Japanese Used Car Auction System?

High Quality Cars that are efficient and Cost effective.

Diversified and unlimited number of best cars to choose from;
All cars are Pre-Inspected in order to enable customers bid for what they exactly need
We advise all customers ONE ON ONE on the general conditions of the cars before customer can decide to bid;
Customers can bid for cars at any budget of their preference; This is quite a unique place for customers with low budgets to buy very good cars;
Highest degree of Transparency

Follow the steps below to buy your Cars Cheaply from Japan Car Auction;

1. Register here in order to get your Account Setup;
2. Your Account will be activated and your details sent to you.
Please Login Here to create your account and access variety of cars ;
3. In order for customer’s bids to be executed ( Eligible to bid), a customer must fund their registered accounts by Making a commitment deposit into your Account in the amount based on Car price as indicated below;
4. Also make a commitment deposit, you must e-mail your details below to the address; PAYMENT@NINKIPAL.COM
Consignee Names (Your official Names used when shipping your car)
Your Home Address
Telephone Contacts (Day & Night)
We will E-mail you a proforma Invoice for your initial payment.
If your budget is less than USD 5,000 , Initial deposit is USD1,000
If your budget is USD 5,001~USD10,000 , Initial deposit is USD2,000
If your budget is USD 10,001~USD20,000 , Initial deposit is USD3,000
If your budget is USD 20,001~USD30,000 , Initial deposit is USD4,000
If your budget is USD 30,001~USD40,000 , Initial deposit is USD5,000
If your budget is USD 40,001~USD50,000 , Initial deposit is USD8,000
If your budget is USD 50,001~USD60,000 , Initial deposit is USD10,000
If your budget is USD 70,001~USD80,000 , Initial deposit is USD15,000
If your budget is USD 80,001~USD90,000 , Initial deposit is USD20,000
If your budget is USD 90,001~USD100,000 , Initial deposit is USD25,000

You will be required to pay the remaining Balances immediately after winning your bid All confirmed initial commitment deposits will reflect in your Activated account as shown below;
5. Your orders or bids will now be eligible to be executed upon confirming your funds (payment); and you will be updated on Auction real time results for all the cars you bid. And you will have access to all your bids through your account;(Electronic Office)
6. Cancellations: If a customer decides to cancel the order before purchasing the car from the Auctions, all Initial commitment deposits are 100% refundable back to the Account of Origin (Sender).
7. Pay the remaining Balance of your Car
8. We Service and Inspect the customer cars in order to get Inspection certificates such as QISJ , JEVIC, JAAI
9. We book for the shipping of your Car
10. We send Set of Original Documents to your Address ;
A) Bill of Lading B) Export Certificate C) Inspection Certificate
11. You have to collect your car at your final port of Destination. If you need assistance with clearance at your port of Destination, we can help you; Please let us know in advance;

For any inquiries, feel free to contact us ;
E-mail: contact@ninkipal.jp Phone: +81-45-334-8238

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