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Buying Car from Japan? Ninkipal Co., Ltd makes it easy for you;

Below are steps on how to buy car from Japan. ;


(1)   Contact Ninkipal Co.,Ltd by Telephone: +81-45-334-8238 ,

Or by E-mail: contact@ninkipal.com

You can also let us know if you want us to call you and schedule a meeting;

(2)   Discuss with respective Manager One ON One in detail the kind of Car need in terms of; 
Make, Model, Year, Color, Displacement (Engine Size), Mileage, Budget for the Car, etc. ;

(3)   Register with our Auction Car Access System in order to view many optional Cars Available. 
We advise you on the general quality of each car;

(4)   Pay only 50% (Half) of the agreed or negotiated price. We ship your car to you and sendproof of shipment to you; that is Copies of Bill of Ladings, Exporter certificates;
Find below 
Sample copies of Bill of Lading, Export certificate, Inspection Certificate;

that will be sent to you
  (A) Bill Of Lading
          (B) Exporter Certificate
             (C) Inspection Certificate
We assist and keep you updated until your car arrives at your Port of destination;

(5)   Pay the remaining Balance of 50% after your car arrives at your port of destination.

(6)   Original documents will be sent to your address; that is Bill of ladings, Export certificates, Inspection Certificates, Invoices;

(7)   We also assist you with car clearance when the car arrives at your port of destination. Please let us know in advance so that we can arrange for clearance.

(8)   We shall follow up with you in order to determine your experience with the acquire car from us; 
Please be genuine when giving us your experience because this helps us improve our service to all customers;

Your satisfaction is always our pride.

NB: Please let us know in advance if you want any other additional accessories in your car;



Always yours in Service;

Ninkipal Co.,Ltd.

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